Francesco Apolloni has worked as an editorialist and journalist for the most famous italian papers: “Il sole 24 ore”, “il Messaggero”, ”Il Tempo” and “RomaitaliaLab”.

As a writer he published:

  • Passo e chiudo, edited by Minimunfax.
    A novel written in verses, with a stun and discomposed melody: during a hot roman summer, a young boy records his days on a recorder. He is a antiheroe, a naughty liar, but he falls in love. The girl is a gorgeous model, a relationship starts between them, but the end is surprising. A story full of tension, frustrations, obsession are the main keys and theme in the novel.

  • La verità, vi prego, sull’amore (The truth about love), edited by Minimunfax.
    Fears, desires, memories and hopes for a generation. For example: Monica loves Lorenzo, Lorenzo loves Olga, Olga loves Luca… They are all reunited in a living room with bear, a piano and unexpected guests (a lover with a videocamera, a japanese therapist, a waiter of a chinese restaurant, models, lawyers, artists and unemployed). An amazing story based on emotions and feelings, a love story on what love really was, from this novel a theatre play is dedicated by Francesco Apolloni. 

  • Fate come noi (Do it like us), edited by Donzelli editore.
    The two main characters Bove and Pechino, young romans, look like they don’t expect anything from life, always in between legal and illegal, lost in a vicious cycle of searching emotions to make the day. Amazing meetings, old Fernanda who Pechino wants to steal from, saves him at last. Giordana and her daughter, who meet the two guys, give them pain and grace, and make them want more from life. This book is also the story of a script, a movie realized by them, with a potrait  of Pupella Maggio, who in “Fate come noi” rapresents Fernanda.